We both swiped right. Check!  We chatted and felt we have some things in common. Check! We exchanged numbers to learn more about each other. Check! The texting begins....

You: We should meet
Me: Indeed
You: I'm ready
Me: Make a plan
You: Plan. Come see me. 
Me: Nope.

First of all, what does "I'm ready" mean? You're ready for me to get dolled up, jump in my car and drive to the house of a man I've never met?

Second, why do I even need to tell you to make a plan. Are you new? Have you not ever learned how to ask a woman on a proper date? Even just to meet for coffee?

Third, why in the effing heck would you think it's ok to ask a lady to come see you. Come see you do what? What does that even mean?

This isn't a Jodeci video and I'm not in the 10th grade wanting to 'come and talk to you' by homeroom.

I picture you sitting on your couch in sweats with a video game controller in one hand and your phone in another, texting me in between levels. You must think I'm some sort of phone genie there to quell your hyper-elevated boredom. Let me make it clear, I'm not. I'm a human. A woman. A quality woman but you don't have the depth to realize that.

But that doesn't concern you because I'm not real. I'm just a picture with words on your phone screen. I'm easily dismissible.

Well, let me be clear - I'm not the one and I'm not even sure why you'd think I am. I mean I've spelled it out in my profile - SWIPE LEFT if you're just looking for a hook-up. But oh yeah, you're even too lazy to read the 9 sentences I thoughtfully typed to weed out sluggards like you. 

You'll likely never read this because there's a lot of words but if you ever do come across this post here's what I'd like you to know:
  • I am worth taking the time to get to know. 
  • Relationships are not created in a microwave. They are slow-roasted and seasoned to perfection. 
  • If you don't approve of a dude asking your daughter to 'come see him' within 24 hours of connecting online, you should rethink your behavior as well. 
  • Practicing self-control would be a benefit to you. 
  • Next time you connect with a first-rate woman, and you want to meet try this:
    • You: I'd love to meet in person
    • Her: Indeed
    • You: Are you free next Friday at 7pm?
    • Her: Yes, sounds great.
    • You: Ok I'll make the arrangements and let you know by Wednesday where to meet

Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

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