Huacachina Peru: Sand Sledding, Alpacas and Chicha Morada | Travel Snacks Podcast 003 

Find out what refreshing drink is made from purple corn. Also, take a walk on the wild side dune buggying and sand sledding with me in Huacachina, Peru. The Travel Snacks Podcast is about eating, dating, travel tips and living a nomadic lifestyle. 

Snack Time 

Included in this episode: 

  • I was involved in an accident 
  • What made me sick 
  • A thrilling adventure in the desert 
  • Where to find baby alpacas 
  • A regal police escort 
  • A mystery cactus candelabra in the sand 

Food for Thought 

Choosing a travel bag. What type of bag did I end up purchasing? 

Mentioned in this episode 

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