Driving down the road near my house I've probably seen this wall hundreds of times. Today I actually SAW it. It looks like someone spray painted it and someone else tried to power wash it off. This makes me enjoy it even more. It's so indicative of love because once it's written there's always an impression on your heart. Even if you blow up this wall the mark will still be there. It may be on a thousand pieces but it's still there. Love might fade but it never really goes away, not if it was really true.

And while we're on the topic of love let me just say that for a long time I bought into the fact that sometimes love just isn't enough. But it is. The love I have in ME is enough. The love someone else has is out of my control, nor would I want control over that. It's theirs to give (or not give) freely. God makes it clear that love never fails. He created it so He should know. We fail each other because we are selfish. We want love but we want it our way. Love also gets driven out by fear. That doesn't mean love failed it means we didn't choose love, we chose fear.

Next time, choose love.

What love will you choose today?

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