7 Travel Snacks to Keep You Alive on the Road | Travel Snacks Podcast 010 

The top 7 snacks I have at any given time while traveling. In today’s episode I talk about an F-word snack, a snack you need gum after and what snack prompted the naming of this podcast The Travel Snacks Podcast is about eating, dating, travel tips and living a remote working lifestyle. 


What do you think are my favorite snack recommendations? Listen in to find out! 

  1. A chip that doesn’t crumble under pressure 
  2. The only jerk I like 
  3. Satisfying rainbows 
  4. It turns me into a monster 
  5. The F-Word Snack 
  6. I can’t say it without sounding nasty 
  7. My security blanket snack

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